High Performance Coaching for Rational Executives and Teams


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FOR ME: Executive Personal Development

Did you think that having a great vision, delivering a POC and selling your dream to investors would be the hardest part?

If you are now scaling up, you might realise that the skills that got you funded are not the ones that will deliver your business plan.

Teamulator's 8-step program has helped modern executives throughout the world. 

FOR MY TEAM: Employee Experience & Performance Improvement

Having trouble retaining quality staff? Do you experience fear and distrust in your office? How would you cope with your superstar leaving?

Julie makes your team visibly more intelligent, in less than 6 sessions. Get a free "team success predictor", and overcome the main perpetual team killer dynamics.

FOR MY EVENT: "Cracking the culture code to attract and retain the best"

How to identify and address the biases interfering with business decisions? What strategies can the team implement to take care of disagreement in a constructive way?

During Julie's talks, your audience discovers and practices the behaviours that foster efficient discussions.

Virtual Coaching for Remote Teams

Where development meets performance, at low cost

More and more teams are scattered around different locations. efficiently coodinating their efforts is a science.

Regular travels to physical meetings help but it is not sustainable: more stress for the executives who already struggle with their work/life balance, more financial stress for the company and more environmental stress for Society.

Come experience a virtual team session where your team learns to coordinate their efforts while working on their current agenda.

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Born in France, I have lived and worked in five cities: Paris, London, Madrid, New York and Tel Aviv. After 10 years as an Institutional Sales in Investment Banking, I decided to focus on personal and team development. 
Over the last 15 years, I explored coaching, training, facilitating and systemic intelligence in order to gather the most impactful behavioral techniques that are directly applicable to business performance.
Today, I accelerate the success of ambitious executives and their teams, by teaching them collective intelligence skills. 

They trust Julie...

"We have been consulting Julie on our people and collective intelligence efforts since the beginning of our venture, already 10 years ago. Julie is a passionate truly visionnary professional. She contributed to our success"

Joachim Azan
Founder and CEO at Novaxia Asset Management, Paris

"At a critical time after a strategic acquisition, Julie's sessions had an immediate effect on the level of cooperation and trust within our management team. "

Eytan Ofer
CEO SDA Spice, Israel

"Julie boasts both a professional experience and coaching skills that allowed me and my team to progress in a tangible way. Julie’s coaching is a unique mix of rare qualities. I know she cares. I trust her."

Lawrence Knight
Co-Founder and CEO at Kwerk Co-Working, Paris


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