About Julie


Julie never stops discovering more and more behavioral techniques around the world. She is continuously supervised.

Certified Organisational Systems Intelligence Coach

Born in France, I have lived and worked in 5 different international cities: Paris, London, Madrid, New York and Tel Aviv. I speak fluently French, English, Hebrew and Spanish.

I am is convinced that People’s Innovation is the bottleneck in today’s business reality. The world has dramatically changed, and keeps doing so at an unprecedented pace, yet, in many companies, the change in the way people work or relate at work, happens too slowly. This creates tensions that need to be addressed. I  help executives to make significant behavioural changes to adapt to today’s business environment.

After my European Business Masters Degree from ESCP-Europe, I had a first career in Finance working in Institutional Sales in global Investment Banks, managing key account relationships for Pension funds, Private Banks and Wealth Managers, across Europe.

Since 2010, I coach leaders and teams to improve the individual and collective performance in a context of “permanent change”. I help technical achievers to tap into the power of the system, so their  organisation stays fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

The problem is in the process of hiring the right coach... 

  • No, your HR department won't be helpful in finding you a good coach. It is not their main agenda, they usually favor team initiatives. After a certain level of seniority, they'd probably accept to pay for individual coaching sessions though. Over all, sorry to tell you, it is YOUR responsibility to find yourself a coach.
  • Also, the problem is that very few coaches really get your business reality. I personally suffered from touchy-feely sessions that were not contextualised enough. During those session, I was wondering if the coach was not the one who should need a coach before I did?! 
  • Eventually, what a disappointment when the coach did not pro-actively teach me behavioral tools and techniques that I could have used again, with my teams and clients. I wanted to learn something new at each session. 

Our services

Individual Coaching

Coaching can help you sustain a high level of performance over time. It allows to integrate their success into a healthy lifestyle and stay connected to your inner spark. No bla-bla, tangible results after each sessions.


For your team

I can make your team visibly more intelligent, in less than 6 sessions. Try my free team success predictor on my team page, and overcome the main perpetual team killer dynamics.These skills can be taughtlike STEM skills.

More for TEAMS

Team Demo / Talk

Invite me to have a first stand-alone conversation with your team. From 2 to 100 people, I will teach them new ways to tap into their collective intelligence. Your team will be humbled to see what they never saw before, then get practical tools.

More about our TALKS

Joachim Azan, founder and CEO at Novaxia Asset Management, Paris

"We have been consulting Julie on our people and collective intelligence since the beginning of our venture, already 10 years ago. Julie is a passionate truly visionnary professional. She contributed to our success. Well done!"

Charlotte Ravouna, Vice President at Bedrock Group, London

“Julie’s operational experience as an officer in investment banking allowed her to understand my problematic very quickly. Since I completed her individual program, I have a willingness to do my utmost everyday at work. I had lost that a long time ago!”

Benjamin Jarmon, Founder and CEO at Joorney Immigration Planning, Miami

"Julie Benichou has been an unbiased, down-to-earth and objective resource for me while we charted the next steps of the business expansion plan. Her ability to ask the right questions has been extremely helpful in my understanding of root causes of main hurdles."

Erika Arevuo, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton Investments, London

"Julie coached me through a dramatic career transition in stepping up to a demanding new leadership role. She provided me with the resources and skills I needed to increase my efficiency. As a result of our work together, I am more confident and productive."

Lawrence Knight, Co-Founder and CEO at Kwerk Co-Working, Paris

"Julie boasts both a professional experience and coaching skills that allowed me and my team to progress in a tangible way. Julie’s coaching is a unique mix of rare qualities. I know she cares. I trust her."

Sandrine Foldvari, Product Manager at Bloomberg LP, London

"Julie is very inspirational and positive. She helped me see how I wanted my career to go, let go of the negatives and focus on the positive aspects of my experience. I am convinced Julie can greatly help people to find their resourcefulness through her coaching"


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