Why do most senior executives have a coach?

  • Some think about the way their career is unfolding and how office politics may affect them
  • Others look for the right balance between their operational and managerial responsibilities, in order to get ready for a future promotion
  • Others want to improve their performance in order to work less. They want to execute their high stake projects with excellence and not loose an opportunity
  • For some, it is about connecting with that spark of excitement of their early days. They are looking to avoid the "only work for paycheck" trap
  • For many, coaching is a precious souding-board before they make a decision. It supports them to stay at their best during an intensive high-stake business event (fund raising, aquisition, negociation, reorganisation...)

Do you have what it takes?

How do you score on our "success predictor"? Discover in less than 2 minutes here. You'll be able to tell if I am the right coach for you!

Executive Individual Program

The best tools, to the point, for immediate application

Along my 15 years journey as a coachee, I collected tools and techniques. I refined those through trainings and certifications. We chose the most powerful instruments and we packaged them in a 8-session coaching program. It is structured for executives who have little time.
  1. We define the actual obstacles and find out what you want to do - awareness of where you want to be.
  2. We set you up on a mission to reach this goal and build together a "flight plan"
  3. We equip you with techniques for personal and professional development, applicable right away in your own professional context.
  4. We monitor your progress so every professional action becomes deliberate to reach your professional goal

Enter the cockpit.

Become the pilot of your ambition.

Reach your next level.


Two Step

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