Virtual Team Management

No need to physically be together to achieve excellence in execution

Many managers are now facing a situation where they have to manage a team of individuals who are structurally remote from the companies' head office. That creates a whole new set of challenges:

  • How to communicate and make decisions with very little occasions to physically meet?
  • What kind of meeting pace and format should we have?
  • How to let go and trust and trust your team instead of micromanaging?
  • What tools, rituals and practices do the best performing remote teams use?

Talents can always find a higher salary somewhere else. We believe the best perk smart people want is improving their day-to-day experience to make it easier for them to do their jobs and work on solving hard problems, without letting anything else get in their way.

A simple methodology, based on common-sense AND common practice! 

I created a program that is taught exclusively on-the-dot. I join your  actual virtual meetings. While the team discusses their current business matter, I instill the relevant learning points as the conversation unfolds.


Virtual or onsite, our team programs consist in a series of 90-min virtual team sessions. Usually 6 to 8 sessions are enough for your team to get it. You can see tangible results after each session. 

Because I have both a business background AND an in-depth understanding of human dynamics, we address both the "what" and "the how" dimensions of the discussions at the same time.

So the team program combines formal learning AND direct application on a concrete business subject. Through the program you and your team will learn:

  • How to hold purposeful and efficient virtual meetings
  • How to unlock the team dynamics, without having to meet
  • How to manage tensions in a proactive way
  • How to collectively agree on decisions that everyone owns and is fully committed to execute
  • How create a solid team structure, yet flexible enough to evolve
  • How to bring your values to life.

You innovate technologically. Be coherent, innovate the way you work together!

3 steps to boost your virtual team performance

Set Objectives Together

Series of short individual sessions with each member of the team.
Objectives of this phase:

• get an overview of the start-
up business model & current development status
• identify main shared concerns
and axis of improvements
• select the ones that affect the
team most
• prioritize the key topics to
address together during the
team coaching session

Equip during regular business conversations

Up to 90min session with all team members.

• I equip the team with practices with fundamentals
micro-skills & tools necessary for a performing virtual team
• build awareness of the team's strengths, weaknesses and inner dynamics and address underlying tensions
• co-define the governance & ways of working

Implement so it becomes natural to the team

Following a natural learning curve, team has to become inconsciouly competent, which means they implemented the new behaviors in their daily interactions. 

• I help team members “land” the new ways of working in their day-

• Once we laid the foundation of the team intelligence, most of the
sessions consist in
supporting the team to accelerate
the design of solutions to their
business issues


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