Virtual Team Management

No need to physically be together to achieve excellence in execution

Many managers are now facing a situation where they have to manage a team who are structurally remote from the company's head office. That creates a whole new set of challenges:

  • How to communicate and make decisions with very little occasions to physically meet?

  • What kind of meeting pace and format should we have?

  • How to let go and trust and trust your team instead of micromanaging?

  • What tools, rituals and practices do the best performing remote teams use?

Through the intervention, the team will learn:

  • How to become "Collective Intelligent" leaders 

  • How to hold purposeful and efficient virtual meetings

  • How to tackles the usual challenges of virtual teams

  • How to manage tensions in a proactive way

  • How to collectively agree on decisions that everyone owns and is fully committed to execute

  • How create a solid team structure, yet flexible enough to evolve

  • How to bring your company values to life.

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