Maybe you feel that:

  • Pressure to deliver hurts your team’s cohesion and motivation?
  • Making decisions becomes time consuming or a source of conflict?
  • Instead of micromanaging, you should let go, and trust your team?
  • You can’t communicate directly/transparently with everyone, like you used to?
Talents can always find a higher salary somewhere else. We believe the best perk smart people want is to improve their day-to-day experience and prevent anything to get in their way.


Our Employee Experience Improvement programs

FOR INNOVATION: two-day Intensive BootCamp to align everyone on the vision

Whether you need to pivot the business model, reorganise the team or prototype the next innovative feature, the Teamulator Process will accelerate collective design of high-quality solutions.

SCALING UP FAST: Culture Workout naturally screens those you need to promote to build the right culture

Team intelligence practices can be learned the same way you learned STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills, in a structured and practical way. Like any muscle, it requires working out and a good coach.

REMOTE LOCATIONS: Virtual Teamulator accelerate results by developing people, at low cost

More and more people work from different locations. No need anymore to physically meet in order to get things done together.

We will teach you the specific ways to work online during you regular virtual team meetings.

Weak team and poor leadership are one of the most common causes of startup and project failures.

Whether you are an investor or part of a venture, you want to predict the success of a team, or at least hedge your "people" risk factor. Our free Team Success Predictor can be used as a framework for a team conversation: Have all your team fill it and discuss the results in your next meeting.

Team Performance Optimisation

Neither the touchy-feely motivational workshops, nor the dry process improvement consulting... 

Virtual or onsite, our team programs consist in a series of 90-min team sessions. Usually 6 to 8 sessions are enough for your team to complete the process.

As our innnovative technique combines formal learning AND direct application on a concrete business subject, we achieve tangible results after each session.

Through the program your team will learn:

  • How to hold purposeful and efficient meetings
  • How to unlock the unhealthy political games
  • How to manage tensions in a proactive way
  • How to collectively agree on decisions that everyone owns and is committed to execute
  • How to create a solid organization structure, yet flexible enough to evolve
  • How to bring your companie's values to life in your day-to-day interactions.

You already innovate technologically?

Be coherent, innovate also the way you work together!


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