Have you ever felt your team is sometimes stuck in meetings: Are they a theater of ego fights? Does anyone dare to speak up and address the real issue? 

At the level of the organisation, the impact is heavier than the time wasted: many postponed or mistaken decisions, many projects stuck because of misaligned stakeholders, a contagious frustration that there is so much more we could achieve together.

The best brains can sit around a table. They won't be smart together without those tools

Spice up your next event with the inspiring experiential talk, where your people will learn and practice:

  • How to address disagreement in a constructive way

  • Good meeting behaviors that foster efficient discussions

  • What to do when the group dynamic interferes with the actual business topic

You’ll leave with practical tools to hack your meetings. Witness their impact on your team performance.

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About the speaker

After working for years in executive positions in large global companies, Julie set herself on a mission: reconnect business objectives with talents’ aspirations.

                                  WORK = MONEY + PERSONAL FULFILLMENT.

In her experiential talks, she shares her insights based on her unique combination of international business experience and deep knowledge of people and organizational development.

She created an online program called "Vertical TakeOff" to help organisations to develop their collective intelligence, and implement new ways of working, more adapted to today's environment.

Julie holds a Master in Management from ESCP Europe. She is an ICF-PCC Certified Executive and Team coach and ORSC-CC (Certified Organisational Relationship Systems Coach)

"Grabbed immediately our attention. Confident and funny speaker, very uplifting for us all!"

"Very entertaining and very engaging!"

"Warm, honest, open, what a beautiful energy inhabited the room, for our team to reveal the power of its diversity!"

No matter your role in the company, you have the power (and actually, the responsibility) to change the dynamics around those meeting tables.


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