You can put the smartest people around a table. They are not going to be smarter together, without some collective performance tools


Online Course for Team Leaders

Julie offers you the essence of her work in an online course called "Vertical Takeoff". She drew on the metaphor of the pilot to create a fun and memorable learning experience. 

She will give you tools that will impact your collective endeavors.

Julie has studied collective performance for 10 years:

  • up to date on the most advanced and forthcoming research in the field

  • attending actual business meetings in many different industries and organisations of all size

  • personally learning from the best trainers/team coaches over the world.

This course is the best way to start implementing those tools within your team.

Then, you can invite Julie to challenge your team to apply all these proven ways of working, in your own business context.

You want them to innovate technologically?

Innovate the way you manage them!

How do they score on our "Team Success Predictor"?


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